How to find coding projects + people

Explore multiple ways to find people, projects, and learn something new!


GitHub + Open source


  • Clone and fork every repository you find useful and follow people who regularly add content

  • Be active

    • Start with small projects

    • Upload on GitHub

    • Maintain them for some time

    • Improve Git practices

      • Make a new branch.

      • Make sure that works.

      • Make a pull request or merge it to master.

      • Repeat.

  • The open source community is huge and it’s amazing to see so many open source projects these days.

  • A simple google search for “beginner project in react” will land you at hundreds of repositories. Take advantage of this, clone the repos, and start learning from there.

  • There’s an awesome list for every framework out there - simply google “awesome list react” and you’ll see projects related to that.

  • There are public repositories from bigger companies and they work on those consistently - you can watch them and see if there’s a chance to contribute.

  • Programs like Gsoc are absolutely amazing, try to apply and get in one if you can - discuss with students who already have that experience.


  • Tons of people post their projects on LinkedIn, make sure to like, comment, and message them to ask how their journey has been.

  • Post your progress, ask for feedback, and then connect with people who might want to work with you on it.

  • Identify people who are generally active on Linkedin and reach out to them, learn more about what they're doing, and try to seek help. They're always ready to help and collaborate with students looking for projects.

  • Linkedin learning also offers some great project related learning:, add a new skill set and take it from there.

Product Hunt


  • Product hunt has tons of professional products posted every day, reach out to the founders and try to see if they want to collaborate.

  • You'll probably need skills relevant to that product, so make sure to do the research, read a little about the product and then message the founders.

Simple projects

  • Learn a framework, start making simple projects, and work your way to something bigger.

  • Start with the most popular frontend frameworks include React, Angular. Tons of documentation, just google, go on youtube, learn the basics, and make something new!

  • Maybe find problems around you and see if you can find a simple solution to that.


  • Find people once you have something mid size. Ask for collaborations, post on linkedin, reddit, discord etc and bring in other people.

  • Find other simple projects on GitHub, reddit, discord and ask if you can contribute. Open source is the way to go. Will make a separate guide on this.

Chrome extensions


  • Find other students from your classes. Tons of students are working on smaller things on the side, all the time. Just ask!

  • Choose classes where you can make projects -> take that seriously and make something actually good. Maybe continue that after the class.

  • Clubs, events, and other smaller things in your university may offer opportunities to make smaller projects or work on ideas. Collaborate, network, and make something cool.

Cold Email

Want to talk to someone, collaborate, or just ask something? Simply grab their email and send them a message. Worst case? They don’t reply. Best case? You get your work done. It works most of the time, try it!

Best full stack course

Here’s the best full stack course if you’re trying to learn web dev: