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Happy Coding: 9th July, 2021

Hope you’re having a GREAT week. Let’s make it even better => here are some super awesome resources to learn something new this week.

Randoms of the week!

  • MFM podcast with Hubspot CEO: Here

  • Read news about SaaS startups: Here

  • Covid made in a lab, video: Here

  • Pubg mobile India (BGMI) started: Here

GitHub stuff

Here are some Github repositories regarding technical coding interviews. Bookmark them, star them, or fork them and make sure to learn something!

  • Competitive coding: Here

  • React Native calendars: Here

  • Full stack Web dev notes: Here

Awesome Skills

Make a cool project this week! You see any problems around you? Maybe try solving those with a simple thing, and then move towards making something more complex.

  • Vue Js in 3 hrs: Here

  • Augmented reality for the web: Here

  • Explore REDIS: Here

Coding question of the week

  • Sort colors: Here, DM us your solutions and approach on Instagram to get featured.

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